Courageous in the Small Things

When I was young

I dreamed of doing something BIG with my life, impacting the world in a BIG way, helping people in ways that yielded immediate BIG results. When I was a hairdresser it never seemed to satisfy me to simply be a great hairdresser…..oh no I wanted to be with the trend setting hairdressers leading the others to mind blowing techniques and changing the lives of their clients with one amazing haircut! When I worked in foster care, I couldn’t get satisfied with simply calming a family for the day, I wanted to save them all and immediately help them turn their lives around and be the picture perfect family. When I began my role as a children’s director, I was most certainly going to change the world in a BIG way…BIG ideas, BIG programs, BIG impact. Here’s the thing, in all of these venues I have come up empty and disappointed in my ability to create BIG immediate change in the lives of people.

It can drive a dreaming girl crazy!

However, I have begun to think, what if the things that I consider BIG aren’t the things that will create lasting change at all. What if the biggest changes in the lives of people are accomplished by doing something small. What if a smile to a cashier at the store has the potential to get him or her through the rest of their shift? What if taking five minutes to speak to a neighbor has the potential to open the door for more meaningful conversations in the future. What if kissing my spouse goodbye every morning has the potential to remind them daily that no matter what the day brings they are loved! What if tucking my children in each night and listening to them share about their day has the potential to remind them in later years that no matter what they are going through, I am there to listen.

It can be hard for us BIG picture people to see the reward in the LITTLE things but they are there. It just takes TIME to see them. And if we are strategic and courageous enough to focus on the little things God will most definitely show up in some very BIG ways!