A Much Needed Break

Noise.  It’s EVERYWHERE.

We are constantly asking ourselves to engage. Scrolling through our phones, listening to the problems of friends, trying to be a good father, mother, wife, husband etc. etc. Our minds are cluttered with the thoughts of tomorrow and our plans for next week. Maybe you find yourself in this pattern…

I can vividly remember the President of the Bible College I attended reminding us of this scripture in Mark 1:35, which says, 

“Very early in the morning, Jesus got up, went to a solitary place, where he prayed.” 

Jesus made time for his mind to rest. With the busyness of life, the constant grind of a day, Jesus knew the importance of time away.

So this month, make it a priority to spend some time ALONE with God. It may mean waking up earlier and taking a walk, or opening your Bible. Let’s not fool ourselves into thinking we can handle this life without it. Praying October is a good month for EVERY Avalonian!